How To Install APK and OBB Files – A Complete Guideline

Apk is the file format of almost all modified versions of Android apps. After you search how to install apk files on the Internet, many results appear. Yet, it might be hard to understand.
No worries. If you’re stuck in this problem, you’ve landed in the right place. Here, we have step-by-step instructions to install both Apk and OBB files. Continue reading to get hold of all steps.

What Is An Apk File?

APK stands for Android Package. This file is specially created for devices using the Android operating system, as its name implies. It is used to distribute and install mobile games, applications, or middleware.

While using your Android device, every app from Google Play will be automatically installed. Yet, others from unknown sources like apk need manual installation.

That’s why you need to ensure your device allows “Unknown Source” to install any third-party application. Here are some quick steps to check it:

  • Open the Settings of your device.
  • Choose “Security”.
  • Check the “Unknown Source” option. If it is unable, activate it. mod apk

How To Install Apk Files

Here are some steps you might follow to speed up this process:

  • Step 1: After choosing the desired app, download its apk file from our site.
  • Step 2: Go to the Downloads folder of your device and open it.

How to install mod apk files

  • Step 3: Choose the “Install” option and wait for the process to complete.

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  • Step 4: Click Open or Done to confirm the installation is completed.

What Is An OBB File

What Is An OBB File?

OBB is also a file for Android apps to add more additional data. It will contain data not placed in the app’s Apk file, including media, graphics, and other considerable assets.

Not every app has OBB files. So while some apps must have them to operate, some won’t.

How To Install OBB files

If any applications require OBB files, we will attach the link to download. Then, continue your process:

  • Step 1: Install the Apk file following the instructions above. At the final step, just choose the “Done” option.
  • Step 2: Follow the link to download the corresponding OBB file. Then, extract it.

How To Install OBB files

  • Step 3: Copy all extracted files following the link /SDCARD/Android/Obb

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  • Step 4: Open the app and enjoy.

How To Fix Common Issues

Cannot Install The Application

Error 1: Another app version is installed on your device

It might lead to conflict between the existing app when installing a new one. You need to uninstall the old version to continue.

Error 2: Play Protect

The Play Protect is a Google Play feature to protect your devices from apps containing malware. It will block all third-party apps from installing on the devices. That’s why apk files cannot work. Remember to turn off this feature:

  • In Google Play, choose the profile symbol.
  • Click on Play Protect.
  • Select Setting and disable the “Improve harmful app detection” and “Scan apps with Play Protect” options.

Error 3: Not compatible with the devices

This app might require a higher operating system to work. So, it cannot be opened on your device.

Warning “Download failed because you may not have purchased this app.”

When you meet this warning, that means you might miss the OBB files required for the app. Just download and follow the installation instructions above. Make sure you copy to the correct folder.

If everything is done, but the warning still appears, try downloading its Google Play version and uninstalling the app. Now try to install our apk file again.


The modified versions bring us many powerful features, but third-party apps might be challenging to install. Thus, our post has provided step-by-step instructions, along with some issues and how to fix them. Hopefully, this information can help the installation process quicker.

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