How To Download Alight Motion For PC

It mustn’t be pleasant when editing your video on a small screen. A miss-click can quickly destroy all your effort. Good news for editors using the Alight Motion mobile version, you can now have a greater experience on your full HD, wide desktop screen.

This article will point out useful features of this application and give you a step-by-step guide on how to download Alight Motion for PC.

How To Download Alight Motion For PC

Why Should You Download Alight Motion For PC?

What To Expect About Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is a product from Adobe Software. Adobe is the leading company in creating video and photo editing programs and software for both PCs and smartphones.

So, if you’re interested in video editing, the app is a go-to program. It’s the first animation mobile phone production tool that allows you to create stunning images and animations.

Don’t be afraid if you haven’t tried out any video-making app. This program is friendly to newbies and convenient to professional users. Plenty of effects and graphics will help you create professional-looking videos with ease.

Multi Layers

Alight Motion enables numerous layers of graphics, video, and audio. Take advantage of the app’s ability to alter bitmap and vector images. The app creates sophisticated keyframe animations for all parameters, from audio to visual. It also allows you to add visual effects and adjust color correction. This is a strong bonus for many amateur editors as they usually have difficulties in manually adjusting the color.

Attractive Motion Graphics

A good video is one that attracts viewers’ attention. Alight Motion’s incredible source of presets and transitions will help you gain audiences’ engagement more easily. This is the best all-in-one application for video production.

Fast Export Process

After you’ve finished your animation, saving is the final thing you need to do. Normal video editing applications take much time to render and export the file. This app, on the other hand, performs well in the export process. You’ll soon witness your result of the best quality.

Most popular clip formats are available on this app. You can upload your epic work on almost every platform, from YouTube to Facebook.

Other Features

When changing devices, many people are afraid of losing their data and work. This becomes a bigger concern for editors and designers. Understanding that anxiety, Alight Motion supports cloud backup, including Apple iCloud, for you to edit your project from any device.

Reasons Why You Should Use Alight Motion Desktop Version

It’s hard to fully edit a video as you expect on a mobile phone. Small screens limit the experience and prevent you from multitasking on your clip. Or worse, the phone might be out of battery when you’re making the video. These interruptions can ruin your mood and thinking flow.

The desktop version of Alight Motion will set your mind at rest from such hassles. SSay goodbye to limited battery life and small displays. Enjoy using the program on a full-screen experience with keyboard and mouse.

How To Download Alight Motion For PC

Step 1: Download an Android emulator for PC and Mac

There are many Android emulators you can find on the Internet. Here we suggest three common emulators that work well most of the time.


Most of the online tutorials recommend Bluestacks, and we also think this is a well-performed emulator. It’s also easier to find a solution if the emulator has errors.

Bluestacks is the most convenient method to experience any Android-based game on your desktop or laptop computer. It’s up to 6 times stronger than the latest Android smartphones, allowing you to enjoy Android gaming and programs at their full potential. That means ultra-smooth, fullscreen framerates at genuine, high-definition resolutions on your computer display.

How To Download Alight Motion For PC A Complete Guide


NoxPlayer has high responsiveness and great speed. You’ll recognize it when experiencing graphic-intensive applications like Alight Motion.

While utilizing an app or playing an Android game, NoxPlayer gives you a better set of controls to use. The controls are accessible from the panel next to the virtual Android device screen.


MEmu includes all of the wonderful features you’d anticipate, such as rapid installation and setup, intuitive controls. You can have more than one account at the same time, thanks to the multi-instance manager. Most importantly, its exclusive emulation engine can unleash your PC’s full capability. This makes the program run smoothly and offers you an enjoyable editing time.

Step 2: Install The Emulator On Your Desktop Or Mac

  • After you’ve chosen the suitable emulator, download it to your laptop.
  • Then look in your computer’s Downloads folder for the emulator’s application.
  • Double-click on the folder to start the installation process or executable file on your Windows computer or MacOS.
  • Click on Next to accept the license agreement.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed to the full installation.
  • As the download process is done, you can try launching the program.

Step 3: Download Alight Motion And Run The Application

  • Open the Emulator software you just installed and find the search bar.
  • When you’ve found it, type Alight Motion and hit Enter. Activate the application by clicking on the icon. Alight Motion’s Play Store or App Store window will open, and the Store will appear in your emulation program.
  • Now, press the Install button, and your program will begin downloading.
  • After the download procedure has been completed, you’ll notice an icon labeled All Apps.
  • It will send you to a page with all of your installed applications if you click on it.
  • The app’s icon is shown on your screen. Click on it and start producing your cinematic clip.


Thanks to its multi-functionality, Alight Motion is the coolest application that cuts out for both professional editors and newbies.

Now you know how to download Alight Motion for PC, video editing is no longer an exhausting process. With a wider view, more cool functions, everything is as easy as pie.

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