How To Download GTA Vice City For PC

You must have heard of the best action-adventure game named GTA Vice City coming from the Grand Theft Auto 3D era once in your gamer’s life. This iconic gameplay opens a newly interesting yet nostalgic world for players. Seemingly, lots of fondest childhood gaming memories are coming back.

If you find it appealing and search for how to download GTA Vice City for PC, this article is for you! We have summarized the necessary information for you to consult. Let’s dive into them right off the bat!

How To Download GTA Vice City For PC 2021

GTA Vice City Description

Vice City is considered a miniature world that is versatile enough for gamers to switch and play in. It can be a coastal metropolis, swamps, or eventful glitz.

Do not mistake that this is a traditional action gameplay that only offers a one-way course.

Entering its world, you will have the best chance ever to be immersed and experience the varied & alive digital cities in the open-world gameplay that other games hardly catch up with. The best thing here is to get the real liberation, control, and take this exciting gameplay over freely as your wish.

Below are some features that can appeal to you at the first time playing:

  • High-resolution graphics, eye-catching effects, along visually beautiful character models.
  • Combines Immersion tactile effects and adjustable graphics settings for a more realistic visual experience.
  • Sensitive and precise firing and targeting options.
  • Custom controls for the layout.
  • Innumerable hours to play.
  • Well-matched with the MoGa Wireless Controller and selective USB gamepads.
  • Supports eight different languages, from English, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, to Korean, Japanese, without Chinese version.
  • Requirements To Download And Install

Before downloading this popular app, you must check whether your PC is compatible with it or not. Here are some minimum and recommended requirements:

Minimum Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 10.
  • Processor: AMD Athlon 800 MHz/ AMD Duron 1.2 GHz/ XP AMD Athlon processor +256 MB (RAM) or IV Intel Pentium).
  • Graphics: 32MB+ video card and DirectX 9.0 compatible GeForce.
  • Memory: At least 512 MB needed.
  • Hard Drive: 915MB of HDS ( plus another 635 MB in case the video card doesn’t allow for DirectX TC).
  • Speed Drive: 8X speed CD/DVD drive.
  • DirectX Version: At least Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or higher version.
  • Keyboard & Mouse.
  • Sound Card: Accompanied with 9.0 DirectX compatible drivers.

Recommended Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 10.
  • CPU: Intel Pentium V/ AMD A4 will be better).
  • Memory: At least 1GB of RAM is needed.
  • Graphics: 512 MB graphic card and 9.0 DirectX compatible drivers(”Radeon 8500”/“GeForce 3″. DirectX TC support is highly suggested).
  • Hard Drive: 1.55 GB of HDS ( + another 635 MB in case the graphic card doesn’t allow for TC DirectX).
  • Speed Drive: 16 speed CD/DVD drive.
  • DirectX Version: At least Microsoft 9.0 DirectX or higher version.
  • Sound Card: Compatible audio card 9.0 DirectX & surround sound.
  • Keyboard & Mouse.
  • Gamepad: Joystick Port or USB.

How To Download GTA Vice City For PC

There are numerous web tools on the Internet you can get while searching for a download link of GTA Vice City. But in fact, no one can ensure their safety and legality. They may attack your device with unknown viruses.

Plus, you will infringe copyright if you download it from an unofficial source. It should not happen when you are a genuine gamer.

Then, what is the best solution? Access the video digital distribution service called Steam, one of the most famous game libraries that several players worldwide trust and highly appreciate. You can download this full version via this legitimate source with modest requirements.

The process is quite simple, with a few steps:

  • Step 1: Access Steam’s official website.
  • Step 2: Click the download button “Install Steam” at the top right corner of the web.
  • Step 3: Once the downloading process is done, let’s install it on your PC. After that, you can sign up to create a Steam account or sign up if you already have one.
  • Step 4: Let’s find Grand Theft Auto on this application’s video game library store and make a successful purchase to download. Now, you can play it on Desktop PC. Rest assured that this app is acceptable on any Windows PC.

How To Download GTA Vice City For PC 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Download GTA Vice City Game Offline For Free On PC?

Of course, yes! In this case, you need to have an offline installer and standalone setup for GTA Vice City PC Game Free.

What Are The Available File Sizes Of The GTA Vice City Game?

GTA Vice City comes to the game’s world in a wide range of versions with different sizes, including 250MB, 500MB, or 1.4GB. You can choose the compatible mode based on your PC’s specifications.

Can Windows 10 Play Grand Theft Auto?

Yes, for sure. We have mentioned above that you can play it on your Windows 10. Moreover, it allows you to play on any PC and any operating system out there due to its light capacity and small size.

Can I Play Grand Theft Auto Without A Graphics Card?

Yes, it also supports you to play even if you do not have a graphics card.

Can I Play GTA Vice City Online?

It is worth mentioning that GTA Vice City is an Offline game, not the Online one. That’s why there is no other way to play it than downloading and installing it on your laptop or computer. It is also possible for mobile phone users.


Have our instructions on how to download GTA Vice City for PC replied to all your issues yet? We do hope that the answer is yes!

It is worth spending many hours in this fantastic gameplay. What are you waiting for without heading to the download page and getting it installed on your PC! Good luck with your new journey!

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