How to Fix Live Net TV Not Working!

Live Net TV is a great platform for you to enjoy your favorite shows and even live streams. Unfortunately, potential problems will cause this application to get some unwanted problems, such as freezing and other issues.

If you are facing one of those issues, this blog is for you! Scroll down to learn about the common issues and how to fix Live Net TV not working!

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How To Fix Live Net TV Not Working?

If you are a loyal fan of this platform, you surely encounter at least once one of the below errors.

We’ve put together a list of issues reported on this app and how to fix them:

Video Loading Error

Streaming freezing is a common error caused by code problems. We will fix this problem with the following three steps:

  • Choose “MX Player” as the default player of your device.
  • Open the “MX Player Decoder Settings”, then enable the “HW+ codecs and decodes”.
  • Change the codec to “HW Plus”.
  • After pausing and playing your video several times, the stream will be much more stable than before. Now, you can enjoy streaming on the platform to the fullest!

Firestick Version Not Working

Are you using the it on Firestick, but it keeps reporting an error? Then most likely, this version of the application is too outdated. Delete it and download the current version for your device.

How to Fix Live Net TV Not Working

Unstable Live Stream

The unstable livestream error is especially frustrating for streamers and viewers. If you are also facing this case, consider fixing it by following the process below:

  • Slow internet speed will sometimes be the cause of the unstable stream. Therefore, check the internet again! In case it doesn’t help, switch the quality of the video stream to a lower level.
  • Launch the Live Net TV.

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  • Select the settings option, then choose the “Stream quality” next window.
  • Choose SD, medium, or low options for the video stream quality. After that, restart the device to check if there is a positive change.

Videos Freezing

Freezing videos will no longer be an annoying problem if you know how to fix it:

  • Run the app and enable the “HW+ codec” option.
  • Click on the “MX Player Decoder Settings” window, then tick the checkbox of the HW+ option.
  • Close the window, pause the video you are watching until the application screen shows stable quality.
  • Play the video again, and check if the freezing error has disappeared.

Android Version Not Working

Live Net TV on Android devices sometimes shows an inoperable app error. Then, how to solve it? Clear the data & cache by following steps below:

  • Choose the “App Settings” on your device.
  • Open the “Manage Apps” option.
  • Search for the application and tap select.
  • Scroll down the information about it, you will see an option called “Clear data and clear cache”. Click on it to delete all the error data.

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  • Now, it’s time to enjoy the smooth streaming once again.

Video Playback Error

Unsupported codecs are the main reason why you can’t play some videos. At such times, open the “video player” option and choose some replacement for the old codec.

Error Fetching Data

You’re trying to log in, but it seems hopeless? Well, your application may have an issue called “error fetching data”. In particular, its data is not fully loaded, which will result in the application displaying a fetch data error.

To get the fetching process back to normal, you should follow the steps below:

  • Delete the application from your device, and download it again from a trusted download source. Please note that the version that you install must be compatible with your device.
  • Select the country domain and set the “date and time” correctly.
  • Verify the connection is established securely or not.
  • Select the “Install Android app” option, and ensure there’s nothing in the entire app cache data.
  • Restart the application to check if the fetch data error has been fixed.

Buffering Issue

Video cache problems will happen when your device’s internet has a problem. First, check your wifi again. Turn off your device’s network data and back on again.

Other Problems

In case of minor bugs, try our fix process:

  • Open the “Settings” option on your Android phone.
  • Click on the search box, then choose “App Manager” and select the application’s icon.
  • Click the “Reset App Preferences” to remove all bugs.
  • Relaunch the application and enjoy it.

Internet connection is an issue that should be of primary concern to streamers when using this app. Whenever facing any issue with this streaming app, please prioritize checking the Internet connection error first, then follow the solutions we have shared above.

Sometimes you miss some steps, which results in the issue persisting. If you encounter that case, double-check to see if you missed anything. If the fix method has no help, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support for more information.


Is It Safe To Use Live Net TV?

Live Net TV is only safe when you download this app from a trusted source such as Play Store. If you get it from a 3rd-party source, then something terrible has happened. Your information will be at risk of being stolen and leaked to the outside.

Why Should I Clear The Cache Regularly?

Deleting a lot of data in the application will help you speed up its operation. In addition, regularly cleaning data also helps to increase computer performance, avoid phone battery drains, and eliminate potential problems on your Android phone.

Some Last Words

Whatever applications you use will always come with some risks of appearing problems. Instead of deleting the app and looking for another replacement, you should arm yourself with knowledge on fixing the problems. So, you will be able to avoid dozens of annoyances when enjoying social networks with it.

Through our article, we hope you now learn how to fix Live Net TV not working. See you in the next post!

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